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Carretera Guadalajara Nogales 3201 45222 Zapopan (Jalisco)
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Description of Gotcha 77

Visualize the three best courses to practice gothca in one of the most privileged venues speaking of climate, Zapopan a quiet town located in Jalisco where we take advantage of its fields and its vegetation to make courses fun and combat with greater skill.

We are a group called Gotcha 77 and we are from Jalisco, we would like all the little ones to be able to enjoy this sport and for the matches to be played in a healthy and correct way.

We take advantage of the terrain that we have with natural deformations to make this an advantage for the opponent or a disadvantage depending on what position you are in.

We are going to encourage you by giving you the first 100 bullets and you choose the field you want to start the fight.

The guns we use are short or long you can also choose that.

The groups you can come with can be from 10 people, the grounds are decorated with drums and wheels, in such a way that if the enemy wants to visualize you it will be more difficult.

The masks that we provide cover the face and ears perfectly, thus avoiding any danger.

The vest is padded and there will be no pain.

At the end you can enjoy a hamburger with your friends.

Play gotcha in Zapopan!

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