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Description of Gotcha Arena Sport

Do you know what distinguishes our gotcha from others? Gotcha Arena Sports has exclusive and uniquely decorated battlefields, such as boats, tires, cars, vans has everything.

Ours has spent 5 different modes so you can take advantage, we have the first one in which you can play against a friend of yours.

Modality of a player against any team that is playing or the opponent that is in combat, we give you your first 200 bullets to defeat your enemy.

The maximum is 8 and we give you 2 thousand bullets to distribute among you and obviously the basic equipment. Sign in to learn more about our promotions.

The team we have are masks that cover the face well, constantly renewed so that no one suffers any damage.

What covers the body we have different types too, a basic that is a thin vest with protection in front and behind.

In the case that you are more sensitive to bullets you can order the equipment that covers your entire body, which goes as if it were an entire monkey.

You can come to celebrate your birthday or any event since the enclosure is very large and contains fixed wooden tables so you can bring your food, or if you prefer to enjoy the They're going with BBQ-style food.

Don't let them tell you what gotcha is in Cancun!

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