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Las Pomas #17-A 45600 Tlaquepaque (Jalisco)
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 Celebrate victory  Battlefield  Enjoy our different game scenarios  Winning team  Enjoy our facilities  Hide anywhere to avoid being hit by the enemy  Gotcha for all ages  Perfect hiding places  Gotcha game in Tlaquepaque  Use your best game tactics  Come play a game of gotcha

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Description of Gotcha CQB

At Gotcha CQB, we invite you to live the gotcha adventure in our battlefield located Tlaquepaque , Jalisco.

Enjoy our facilities and our different scenarios to play. Each one designed to have a dynamic and fun game. We also have a rest area to have a snack or simply recharge.

We provide you with all the equipment you need to make you feel comfortable and safe during the game. Our protective equipment includes a camisole, vest and mask. And even if you do get stained with paint, there is no need to worry since the paint we handle is biodegradable so it does not stain clothes.

We offer you different game modes. One of the most fun and popular is our mode "Ask him to be your girlfriend", in which you are combat and from one moment to another you can see some banners addressed to you girlfriend and she has to say yes or no. Hopefully he will and so you will come out of the fight doubly victorious.

Another of our modalities is to play target shooting in which, depending on the accumulated points, you can win a prize.

Assemble your team and come play gotcha!

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