Tinamasters Táctico

Hermosillo 83170 Hermosillo (Sonora)
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Description of Tinamasters Táctico

The Tinamasters Tactic Paintball field is a super fun gotcha field where you can come with your friends to play paintball or gotcha. Our field is themed and is therefore one of the most exciting to play gotcha.

The gotcha or paintball is an extreme sport that is practiced in most countries of the world and that consists of two teams that have to perform a mission or game and above all prevent the opposing team from doing it before. To do this we will eliminate members of the opposing team with paintballs that we will shoot from a paintball marker. Therefore, paintball is a tactical game with a lot of strategy, like playing wars but with a happy ending and no harm to people.

The gotcha is a safe game and for this we will have to pay attention to one of our monitors who will be responsible for explaining the safety rules and regulations at all times.

For more information contact Paintball Tactical Tinamsters and we will inform you.

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