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Cerro San Juan 94470 Fortín (Veracruz)
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Description of Vuela Con Fer

Fly with Fer is a company that has more than 20 years of experience, offering paragliding flights on the hill of antennas in Fortín , Veracruz . Its location offers great security since the take-off area has too much breadth and therefore you can also land there.

This company is recognized for its offer and professionalism in this sport, they are the only ones in this town that can offer you cross country flights , that is, long flights where thermodynamics will be the protagonist. The objective of this type of flight is to land as far as possible from the takeoff zone, this is achieved with air currents, elevation, clouds and a series of concepts that, with the help of the tandem pilot, you will understand and to learn. These types of flights usually last between an hour and a half and two hours.

Within the packages that Fly with Fer gives you, you can find transfer included, photographs of your experience, video and clearly, the tandem flight. This means that you will fly alongside one of their certified instructors. As is usually done, upon arrival we will give you instructions so that you go fully prepared and enjoy the flight to the fullest.

They have transfers from Fortín de las Flores and also from Orizaba de la Cruz , so, Fly with Fer facilitates your arrival to your take off zone. Dare to practice new activities and write them down on your "experiences to live" list. Dare to live the alternative tourism in this way, through the air.

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