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Description of Freefly Orbita

We are a group of Mexicans who create a School called Orbita Freefly exclusively for those as passionate as we are to skydiving.

It is important to emphasize that we are professionals with certificates issued by the United States and that our goal for the creation of this institution was to help those who already dominate this activity and therefore want to improve their skills.

We do not have physical headquarters but if you contact us we have the corresponding cards to be able to land and skydive in the following dropzones that are landing zones ; in Cabo San Lucas, in Playa del Carmen, in Celaya and in Tequesquitengo.

The activity of skydiving is with us, we usually record all the action and follow all the security protocols endorsed.

We also organize events for those Mexicans who are in the United States or who want to come to this country.

In these events we practice wind tunnel in some Skyadventure of the south coast of this country.

You can do it or we will teach you how to do it, the techniques of falling belly, or head or spinning in the air.

Making wind tunnel is a simulation of high-speed fall, wind gusts ranging between 120 kilometers per hour and 200.

You will rise between 2 and 3 minutes, in which, you can do different stunts.

This activity that carries a touch of danger through which we provide you with the helmet and the complete uniform so that you do not pass any mishaps.

Come enjoy and become addicted to heights.

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