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Description of Skydive Cuautla

The speed that is reached when you fall from 17,000 feet high is approximately 200 kilometers per hour. After you open the parachute, your journey to the ground is approximately five and seven minutes long.

Skydive Cuautla has many ways to perform your parachute jump, such as; First jump , a program in which a monitor jumps with you, known as tandem jumping.

Then there is the Skydive University program, an institution that progressively teaches you more techniques about jumping and everything you need to understand the relative wind. This is endorsed by the United States Parachute Association

The course they teach contains the world standard for you to obtain your certification as a professional. It is a category for those who are seriously interested in this sport.

The system is based on having a theoretical class first and then a set of 18 levels, dividing this into two courses.

At these levels you will be taught maneuvering skills and at the end of your course, you are granted a "A" type license.

This license allows you to do sport wherever you are and with your friends anywhere in the world.

Skydive Cuautla offers you to make this a lifetime, go for it.

Reviews of Skydive Cuautla

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4 Medium
Reviewed the 17/03/14

Review translated from Spanish

Wonderful experience the instructors are good however there are some points that slightly blur the image of skydive cuautla .. The documentation that is signed exempts them from all responsibility which detracts from their credibility and strength, it is understood that there are risks that the user must assume but issues such as the condition of the aircraft as well as the lack of supervision in their parachute packaging processes Generates trust. On the other hand, there is a need for more signaling that helps to speed up the arrival of visitors to the site. It is necessary that the instructions given by the instructors are homologuen because each one indicates what to his appearance is the correct giving the image that everyone does what he wants. I hope you take into account my feedback in order to improve and offer a comprehensive service of total quality.
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Leticia Garcia
8 Good
Reviewed the 28/11/12

Review translated from Spanish

One of my children was the one who made the parachute jump through your system and liked it a lot. Thank you for being the means to get information about these extreme activities. My other children are already encouraged to do this activity.
Feedback useful for 3 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Miguel Angel Fernandez
10 Very good
Reviewed the 28/02/14

Review translated from Spanish

All very well. One detail only: If one reserves a schedule, try to respect it, since I had my jump at 11:00 A.M. And I play almost at 2:00 p.m. Otherwise it was an excellent experience to be repeated. Thank you
Feedback useful for 8 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Rosa María Luna Treviño
10 Very good
Reviewed the 16/12/13

Review translated from Spanish

Very well organized, I enjoyed the experience, will be very safe.
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8 Good
Reviewed the 23/01/16

Review translated from Spanish

I was charged extra for weighing 92 kg and had not considered it besides going out with 1 hour late and queuing up people who had arrived afterwards.
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Alejandra Tapia Barrueta
6 Normal
Reviewed the 18/01/18

Review translated from Spanish

Very adrenaline experience, VERY INTENSE AND EXCITING, as few you will have in your life. Jump in parachutes and you will overcome many fears. After living it you will be another person, your perspective changes.
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Anahi Jasso
4 Medium
Reviewed the 20/10/14

Review translated from Spanish

I organized a group of 19 people and jumped and happy. The only thing that seems very bad is the organization of flights, since one of the people in the group could not jump because they jumped several times and flatly asked for a refund. Subsequently my video and photography lousy, since I have photos of another woman and are photos that I require for a personal challenge
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