The Outbreak México

Calle San Andrés Atoto #50 Colonia El Conde 53500 Naucalpan (Estado México)
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Description of The Outbreak México

An accident has been triggered in a laboratory and one of the deadliest viruses escapes control of those responsible. Lots of zombies are infecting each other, multiplying unstoppably and very quickly. You have to stop this catastrophe, try to survive and gather together with your team the tracks that are scattered throughout the Hospital to stop the zombies.

The Outbreak Mexico We are a company that recreates in a real way everything what you've seen in movies and you've played in video games. Now it is different, you are no longer in front of a screen, now you are in the game. We give you all the equipment to survive, but in the end going out alive is up to you.

Together with your teammates you will have to organize strategies and assign roles to be able to fulfill the mission assigned on this zombie night which consists of saving innocent civilians that are not yet infected. The Outbreak Mexico we will give you tools to get it as specific weapons , training , riddles with clues and a support team.

The Outbreak Mexico also makes our services available to companies and organizations for Team Building activities. There is nothing better to unite a group and strengthen their leadership skills than to take them to the limit of reality.

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