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Prolongación Lorenzo Vázquez 72190 Puente de Ixtla (Morelos)
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Description of Ultraligeros México

In Ultralight Mexico we have specialized in panoramic flights in the state of Morelos , having our headquarters and the departure point in Puente de Ixtla , specifically in the village San José Vista Hermosa , whose name already gives us a clue of what the adventure will be within the ultralights that we offer to fly.

And the best thing about being north of Morelos is that we are located in a place close to large cities, such as Mexico City, which is about 90 minutes away, and Cuernavaca, less than three quarters of an hour. In addition, the weather here every day of the year is enviable, which allows us to go flying at all times.

We have a alpha trainer , which is a closed plane with the soundproof interior and without the wind in your face thanks to the moon in perfect state of cleanliness. But also a trike that feels the air in the face at 500 meters high, in which we turn off the engine once up to plan and observe different points of the state of Morelos.

And ... what are those places? Well, you have to choose the following:

  • Seagull : is a basic flight in which you can choose the closed or the open plane. We will cross the skies over the lake of Tequesquitengo and the Gardens of Mexico. It is a fantastic experience for beginners.
  • Flight of the Falcon : it is a visit to the archaeological zone of Xochicalco and the lagoon of Rodeo , appreciating the entire Cuernavaca valley in the ascent, and making flush flights over the lagoon . On the way back we will pass by Lake Tequesquitengo.
  • Flight of the Eagle : we will take the ultralight Pipistrel (called Sinus) to fly high above Morelos and Guerrero.

We also offer training courses for ultralight pilots. We own all the DGAC licenses so that you get your official private pilot title .

Come to Ultralight Mexico to live an adventure in the heights.

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