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Description of Eat Mexico Culinary Tours

Are you ready to enjoy the exquisite Mexican cuisine ?

The Mexico City is characterized by its great variety of Mexican snacks , including the famous tacos, which while you're not from Mexico City or this beautiful country, In these tours you can understand the most fun and delicious way of urban gastronomy.

We have different routes that last approximately 4 hours.

Our most recommended guided gastronomic visits:

  • The street food tour or better known as “street food tour” where you can live the day-to-day food of Mexicans, you will witness the endless gastronomic offer that can be enjoyed in the streets, like sopes, pambazos, tacos, flutes and much more.
  • Another of our star tour is the San Juan market , although it is not the largest in Mexico City, this is one of the most stocked markets, there you will find all kinds of vegetables, fruits, Fish, seafood cheeses and much more. In this market you can taste a delicious dish of a cheese or the famous tlacoyos prepared with blue dough.

Do not miss all these delicacies on a guided gastronomic visit.

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