Zacango Zoológico

Carretera Metepec-Santa María Nativitas, Kilometro 7 S/N 52200 Calimaya (Estado México)
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 Unique species Capybaras  Family of lions  Flamingos  Falcons  Zoo bears  Rhinoceros  White tigers  Tizoc

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Description of Zacango Zoológico

Come and visit us with your little ones, in the Zacango Zoological Park you can see a great variety of animals of different species, from the most exotic to those that could be in a farm or that are part of our daily life. >
The zoo was opened in 1980 , since then we have received thousands of families that generation after generation visit us and want to know all our attractions. We have 7 different areas:

- Primates : Spider monkey, lemur, gorillas, papions, rhésus monkeys, orangutan or chimpanzees. There are 39 copies of 1 1 different species.

- Carnivores : 52 copies distributed in 13 exhibitors among which you will find pumas, jaguars, leopards, bengal tigers, lions and bears.

- Birds : We have more than 269 animals such as peacocks, pheasants, Canadian geese, hawks, eagles, macaws, parrots, toucans, among many others.

- Herbivores : 25 species of animals among which there are antelopes, buffalo, oryx, bison and wapitis.

- African zone : We have more than 144 animals including giraffes, rhinos, hippos, elephants, zebras and ostriches

- Children's Zoo : Baby display area, here are the babies of the Zoo.

More than 1000 animals waiting for you at Zacango Zoo. We are fiercely funny.

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