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 Access the Book of history Get to know our rooms  Deactivate the disaster  The jury laboratory  Enter the theme and play  Deliver the material  Avoid the disaster  Do more elements  The laundry of the narco  Read the letter and follow the clue  Read the clues  Read the objects and their mysteries  logo Enigma Rooms  Look at the pictures and their clues  You can learn about the experiments  Test with the chemists  Try the other modality  Try all the keys  Don't miss anything  Don't be discovered  Solve the mystery  You're running out of time  Be a spy  Be a narco  Keep the safe  Be very careful  Take the weapons  A chilling room

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Description of Enigma Rooms Coyoacán

Have you ever read the great stories about Sherlock ?
We relive this detective's room, you will know all of his personal things because we relive everything that Conan Doyle wrote.

In this escape game you will have to know that if you don't follow the tracks and play as a team you can lose. This mode has an intermediate difficulty.

Try coming from 2 to 5 people and get it right and be the only 8 percent that solves the room. And exit the escape game.
Enter the Cold War climate and deactivate the bomb that the KGB has prepared for you.

You are a CIA spy and you just have to try not to be discovered, in this mode you can feel what was the great possibility of the nuclear disaster.

With this type of games you will be able to be more empathetic and get into some riddles that improve your relationship capacity and therefore train your mind.

Try to leave the room in which a serial killer wants to kill you, remember that you have the 60 minutes in each modality.
These games can come to make them or give them on a birthday.

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