Guided Tours in Mexico

Guided Tours in Mexico

Directory of guided tours. Check prices and get the best deals on cultural tours. You can visit with the different tourist guides discovering the city neighborhoods and monuments in an original and different way. Try the night city toours or the private tours.
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Guided Tours companies

Company Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur)
Rancho Tours
42$ per person
12 Prices
Company Ajijic (Jalisco)
WideEyed Mexico
79$ per person
11 Prices
Company Bustamante (Nuevo León)
Hostal Bustamante
19$ per person
3 Prices
Company Tepic (Nayarit)
Nayarit Adventures
3$ per person
89 Prices
Company Mérida (Yucatán)
Yucatán Concierge
361$ per person
6 Prices
Company Huamantla (Tlaxcala)
26$ per person
8 Prices
Company Huasca de Ocampo (Hidalgo)
Operadora Vive Hidalgo
68$ per person
1 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Mazatlán (Sinaloa)
Veraneando Adventure
38$ per person
6 Prices
Company Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Chiapas)
32$ per person
17 Prices
Company Querétaro (Ciudad) (Querétaro)
Los Xhitas Querétaro
73$ per person
6 Prices
Company Huichapan (Hidalgo)
Los Xhitas
23$ per person
29 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Tepoztlán (Morelos)
Noche de Leyendas
4$ per person
4 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Guided Tours in Mexico

A guided tour makes our life much easier, we can forget about doing schedules or investigate how many hours is recommendable to stay in each place to seize the day, and, in the end, we don’t do it since contingencies happen.

So, to enjoy a guided tour is highly recommend it if you want to squeeze the time you are in the city and meet all the important tourist spots.
1. Expand your knowledge.

A guided tour is very enlightening since shows everything about the culture and history of the city and the place you are exploring. We assure you that is a very efficient way to memorize everything due to the interaction, whilst having fun. Once you finish the tour, you’ll notice all the new stuff you have discovered, you will be amazed.
Expand your knowledge
You help to create awareness and care of sites
2. You help to create awareness and care of sites.

When you book a tour with a company that offers these services, you are carrying a civic and responsible tourism, since they are aware that the tourists themselves, or people who come to offer guided tours without being registered, spoil these patrimonies. This way, the registered companies worry about maintaining and the great attention of these areas of cultural attraction, so the next generations can keep visiting the city.
3. Your stay, seize to the max!

When we don’t know which place to visit, we get to seize, for the several hours we stay in the city to discover and explore the most important. The famous streets, the cultural heritages, etc. All those things you can’t miss, you can visit them in just one day, with the people who know where to take you, exploiting as much time as possible. Forget about maps and the need of planning beforehand, the guide will do everything for you.
Your stay, seize to the max!
You will be guided by an expert on the zone
4. You will be guided by an expert on the zone.

The guides have a wide knowledge of the places that they will take you, which provides the best experience with the best facts and pieces of knowledge ever. Also, you can save time by cutting paths to get faster to the attraction places without getting lost.

Do you speak another language? Well, you can find guided with more than one language, who translate all the information during the tour.
5. A great variety of options.

Independently of the tour you want to do it, you will find guides that provide the route and information, whether is an aquatic tour, aerial, or terrestrial, because you can board a boat or motorboats with instructors talking about the lakes, rivers, coves or beach changes. With the flights, you will also have a capacitated pilot that will be explaining everything about the places that are seen from the heights. Likewise, if you decide to enjoy a terrestrial route, the most common way among the guided tours, there are a lot of places you can go, you will see that there is a lot you can learn.
A great variety of options
Would you like to live the experience of a guided tour?

You can do it at any moment of the year since is an activity that adapts to any place. During Winter, whether a visit a Sierra with snow or during Summer with a motorboat trip through rivers or beaches of Mexico.

If you do this during hot seasons, we recommend to wear appropriate clothing, comfortable and also use suncream, cap, and sunglasses for major protection.

Now, check all our options of guided tours.