Leyendas de Zacatecas

Calle de la mantequilla #99A 98000 Zacatecas (Ciudad) (Zacatecas)
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Description of Leyendas de Zacatecas

A trip to the past through the streets of Zacatecas , with Legends of Zacatecas you will be guaranteed a guided tour of the city very different, original and interactive. Mythical characters will be your guides through the alleys of the city.

Discover the historic center of Zacatecas , Cultural Heritage of Humanity , accompanied by a countess or a duke, who will tell you the stories and legends Old women who talk about the most emblematic characters of the city. Stories that have taken place in the squares and buildings that you will meet with us.

Our guided tours are to old mansions with a show of theater actors who will tell you the legends . We will also take you to craft shops and workshops to try the sweets and mezcal typical of the region. We will enjoy all the arts in a tour, music, theater and architecture.

Recreating the Zacatecas of the 14th century , our guides strive to involve you in a real way in history, in traditions and in a Zacatecas that you surely did not know.

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