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Description of Mex Inca Viajes

Mex Inca Viajes is an agency that has more than 35 years of experience , working in the tourism market. We have specialized in guided tours and visits for the main attractions of the Mexico City.

As tour operators, we offer pedestrian tours in the historic center of the Federal District. However, if you wish we can also organize 1 day to places near the DF.

Among our wide range of tours, our favorite and funniest are our "Urban Adventures" , that is, themed city tours. Among the themes of each tour you will find:

- Canteen tour: Historian and food narration in “El Gallo de Oro”.

- Tour of legends and ghosts: Pedestrian tour with history of the historic center and an actor characterized.

- Traditions Day of the Dead: Pedestrian tour the night of October 31, November 1 and 2 accompanied by a historian, actress characterized by "La Llorona" and dinner.

- Dining with History: Dinner at the Historic Center with actress characterized by "Carlota of Belgium".

- Zapata Route: Visit to Tlatizapan, Chinameca and Cuautla.

We have many other tours, we inform you about all!

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