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Description of Gotchia

Gotchia is one of the pioneer companies in venturing into the arts of paintball in Chiapas. With them you can learn to play and enjoy a pitched battle in their special fields to play this extreme game, it is one of the variants that paintball is known as speedball.

The gotcha they develop is that of speedball, a more competitive style of play that consists of inflatable obstacles. You just have to assemble your group, with a minimum of three people and attend the most exciting experience.

Use your skills, and above all, be quick, in order to become the champion.

In Gotcha Chiapas it is possible to assist with your gotcha team and go out to the field to play, but if you do not own it, the company has a product store where you can buy or rent them.

Practice some stretching before the game, put on the equipment and have fun like never before.

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