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Visit unique places  Historic constructions  Visiting emblematic buildings  Living Mexico  Visiting charming cities  Historical monuments of Jalisco  Visit Sierra Lago  Close visit agave crops  Walk the streets of Amatitán  Get to know the wall of the Beatitudes  Boat trip on Lake Chapala  Sunset on Lake Chapala  Development Company  Explore Lake Chapala and its surroundings  View from the top of Ceboruco  Discover the Inconclusive Temple of the Precious Blood  Discover the natural places of Mascota  Walk around the center of Raicilla  Full capture of the beautiful region of Tapalpa  Tour the valley of the enigmas  Enjoy the different typical events of downtown Tequila  Tour each place of tequila  Enter downtown Mazamitla  Parish of San Cristobal

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Description of WideEyed Mexico

We are dedicated to our travelers discover the most unusual of Mexico and the world ... its secrets, the most hidden! In WideEyed we offer you guided tours through incredible natural and cultural areas in this wonderful planet of adventures .

We want to walk off the beaten track with you to discover things that few imagine exist. Still very close to your city. We have cataloged more than 200 sites "off the beaten path" to arrive in comfort, live unique experiences in small groups of friends or family.

We leave from the State of Jalisco to anywhere in the world, although many of our tours are centered in Jalisco. There is so much to discover ... and so close! We take you in a super comfortable vehicle, with snacks and drinks on board to make the journeys more enjoyable. What you will see is usually not on the maps. Some sites that we offer you are exclusively accessible only to you and are not in any tourist guide. The cuisine you can enjoy is usually organic, native and fascinating. You imagine? And all, just a few hours away

Imagine visiting the pre-Columbian ruins of Michoacán , a private island in a large wetland, one of the two tropical maple forests, the third forest with the highest density of conifers in the world, six of the most mining towns ancient of America, some mines, canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado itself. Villages that barely maintain contact with modernity and still retain their native languages. Unique culinary traditions Until the experience of staying in a five star hotel inside the crater of a volcano.

Know this world in another way. If you wish, we will visit you personally to design your experience exactly as you wish, which is what we really want for you.

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